The II International Meeting of Social Work is a meeting and exchange place about practices, methodologies, knowledge and researches in Social Work that from the prospect of social innovation would be able to deal society challenges giving transdisciplinarity solutions to the problems of a global society.

The Meeting rises from the Conference of Social Work Deans and Directors in Spanish universities and from its beginning it has promoted the realization of academicals events to develop Social Work in its different parts: educational, professional and research activity. Now we celebrate the eleventh and the second international edition.

The structure of this educational meeting raises different internal challenges of the Spanish university like transdisciplinarity, education quality, the research transference and the social responsibility of Higher Education. The meeting supposes the strengthening of this science between its players: administration, tertiary sector, private initiative and society. Also, it is a place to internationalize the educational, professional and research activities and relations.

The Schedule of the Meeting includes presentations, panel discussions, work groups and activities related to the social transformations, following the values of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility and diversity respect that are marked in the definition of International Federation of Social Workers.

The Meeting is intended to different profiles related to Social Work: teachers in different subject areas of Social Work Grade, Postgraduates and Doctorates; researchers, student, professionals, technical responsible and political programmes and services of social intervention and other people that are interested in these areas.

Under the slogan Transdisciplinarity Solutions in a Global Society, the Meeting topic will be about Social Work like a scientific discipline and its relation with the other disciplines in Social Work, its contribution in social innovation and the implementation of Human Rights in intervention process in social reality.

It will take place on 20, 21 and 22 of april (2016) in the Campus of University of La Rioja.

You are welcome to the II International Meeting of Social Wor.k

Esther Raya Diez.
President of the II International Meeting of Social Work Schools.
Director of Social Work Degree Studies in the University of La Rioja

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II Congreso Internacional de Trabajo Social

20, 21 y 22 de Abril de 2016